Consignment Policy
  1. The Cottage Drawer accepts items that are appropriate for consignment in our store.  It is our goal to place items in our stores that are fashionable, seasonal and within a two year style period.  
  2. The Cottage Drawer determines the price of your items. Exceptions are made for unique clothing, purses, furniture, etc.
  3. The Cottage Drawer will consign your items for sixty (60) days. The Cottage Drawer will hold small home decor' items for 60-120 days depending on the item.   
  4. When your item(s) sell, you will receive 50% of the selling price.
  5. Checks can be picked up after the first of each month for items sold. Checks are not mailed and will be held for only nine (9) months from date of issue.
  6. You must pick up your clothing items that did not sell on/before consignment period ends (60 days).
  7. Unsold or unclaimed clothing items will become the property of The Cottage Drawer and they reserve the right to donate them to the charity of their choice.
  8. Markdowns for clothing are: 20% after three weeks, 40% after six weeks. Furniture items are an exception, however, will experience markdowns depending on the item.
  9. The Cottage Drawer will not be liable for loss or damage to your items for any reason.


If you have any questions about our Consignment Policy,
please do not hesitate to contact us.



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